Simon – Cake Smash Photo Session in Andover

Captured at Home Photography Studio on {iptcday()} Sep, 2018 by Krystian Graca - Arokis Photography

Today I would like to introduce you Simon. His parents wanted me to do the photo session at his 1st birthday. I advised them Cake Smash as this photo session can be held at their home in Andover. I was using my mobile photography studio. We did not have to worry about the weather.

Cake Smash Photo Sessions are always so much fun! Many times I have laughed so hard that I have cried during many of these sessions. One-year-olds are the best! I always try to keep the session as light and easy as I can. I don’t plan on everything going on my way. What I try to do is to show different emotions in my photos. I think It’s okay if a toddler isn’t smiling and happy on every photo, because as any parent of a one-year-old can tell you, they are not always happy and smiling.

It was a great time and I hope that I will be able to photograph more often in Andover and other cities in Hampshire.