Sardinia: Capo-Testa

Sardinia - Capo Testa (29)

Capo Testa is popular for its breathtaking views and explicit hiking terrain. Atop this glorious holiday destination surrounded by clear and transparent water, Corsica can be recognized with the help of a suitably low shoreline and clear weather. From here, you can also have a clear view of a collection of bizarre rock formations and even the infamous cliffs of Bocche di Bonifacio. It is a beautiful place to walk around, and thankfully, the absolute perfection of the most dramatic scenery of Sardinia remains all the way through spring and even winter time. Although there are few remnants of Roman times, the rugged rock formations and shoreline are a mystifying sight which has firmly placed Capo Testa on the tourist map. Yes, this was once a small mining town where the Romans extracted enormous amounts of granite which would then be used to construct their beloved city of Rome. Interestingly, Capo Testa also served as the main site of an ancient colony of Tibula, and even today, the street guides are still visible on its rocky side. This makes it a wonderful spot for past cultural learning, observation, and appreciation. Located just a few kilometers west of Santa Teresa di Gallura, Capo Testa is the farthest point of Northeastern Sardinia in the province of Olbia- Tempio. Mystifying Capo Testa is surrounded by enchanting coves and thick, low-lying Mediterranean vegetation. However, this spectacular landscape is a highly popular attraction even without its Roman history. With enchanting seascapes, rugged hiking trails and endless natural beauty, Capo Testa is one of the true highlights of a trip to Sardinia which will leave you wanting to explore even more of this stunning island. Below you can read more about some of the highlights, things to do and where to stay.