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Newborn photography in Andover, Hampshire and area.
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A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

Arokis Newborn Photography

Arrival of a baby is a huge event in the life of every family.

It is worth keeping  every memory and special moments. Due to the fact that the baby is growing rapidly, it is useful to capture his first moments in this world. Taking photographs the early stages of baby life , will let you bring back the thoughts of those happy moments .

The session is scheduled for new born babies – from a few days to up to the couple of months . Parents do not have to worry about the safety of their new borns, as they are present during the entire session . Children feel the best is in safe arms of their parents.


After the child’s first a couple of month of life , I encourage you to complete the session soon after photographs of your new born. is worth to capture the first things that they do, ie.  lift the head up , sit up , take their first steps .

Both types of sessions , i would recommend to have them taken at your home. From my own experience I know that for the little one the best enviroment is their own home alongside with their parents. It’s just this sort of images that reflect they atmosphere of the first days of life.

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Includes a 1 hour photo shoot
about 10 images on a disk


Includes a 1-2 hour photo shoot
about 30 images on a disk
photo prints 10x15


Includes a 1-2 hour photo shoot
about 20 images on a disk
 EXTRAS (all Newborn photography package include)
  • Sibling and/or family portraits included at no additional cost
  • Access to all of my props, hats, and posing accessories
  • Professional newborn skin retouching (reduce red spots, jaundice, dry skin) and editing
  • Can travel to your home with a mini studio (lightening + backdrops)

If the following packages do not fit 100% of your portrait needs, please contact me and we can arrange something custom for you!