Military Museum in Hanoi

The Vietnam Military Museum in Hanoi (1)


Vietnam has plenty of war museums. One of them and the most important of them is located in central Hanoi. The Vietnam Military Museum presents a perspective on the wars that raged in Vietnam, and it’s a perspective that Westerners rarely get to see. Military Museum is dedicated to Vietnamese conflicts from ancient times through to the Vietnam War {American War}.

The main building in this museum was opened in 1959 on the occasion of 15 years of Vietnamese Military Day.This is the one of the oldest museums in Hanoi and is particularly interesting for those wishing to learn about Vietnam military history. There are both indoors and outdoors sections with display of military-related artifacts.

The day we visited museum the exhibit halls were closed. Luckily the outdoor exhibition area is  the most attractive place and it was for free! Generally to enter the exhibit halls, you must pay a 40,000 VND {1.74 USD} entrance fee. The outdoor par of museum is the most enjoyable part because it keeps the huge evidences of the war like: damaged tanks, a Soviet-built MiG-21 jet fighter,  triumphant amid the wreckage of B-52 airplanes and army vehicles are strewn throughout the grounds.