Family Photo Session: East Park in Southampton

Family Photo Session - East Park in Southampton (9)

Time to catch up 😉

Today, short report after the family photo session we did for our good friend Ieva. The place of the session was the East Park which is located in central Southamton. It is easy to get to on public transport. East Park knowns as Andrews Park has two nice ponds. One of them encourage wildlife such as frogs, newts and damsel flies and the second has ornamental fish. This park is great for family photo shoots. Its Victorian style of planting with trees, shrubs, flowers, herbaceous plants, ferns, grasses and bamboos make this place very special.

Gabriel  – our today’s model has turned out to be an extremely active kid and thus fidgety– he was everywhere, but just not in the shot:-P

Our biggest obstacle was the weather, but it wasn’t rain; on the contrary, a very bright sunshine was causing a very sharp contrast and nasty shadows were appearing on the face; photographers know what I’m talking about. Therefore I couldn’t do without lighting by blend and looking for shady spots 😉 It was the only way to take successful pictures in such difficult conditions, as flash wouldn’t break out of such a strong sun.

The East Park  is always worth visiting but especially in May when the park and in particular wisteria is in full flower. This place is great for both photographers and families.

Below I posted a couple of photos from that day and I encourage you to comment on them.