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Pre-wedding Shoots

For these who don’t know what is a “engagement shoots” or “pre-wedding shoot” it’s a professional photo shoot done with your wedding photographer that usually takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. The shoot goes for 1.5-2 hours, at a location of your choice ( I can give you some ideas 😉 ) That is great experience to get comfortable in front of the camera.

However, if you are in love, and you would love to have beautiful photos - something more artistic than just a selfie you don’t have to planning your wedding day yet to take an engagement session. Your engagement is a wonderful time in both of your lives, and a photo shoot is a great way to commemorate that. As a proffesional wedding photographer I will capture your love and happiness genuinely.

And if you decide to take your engagement photos just after you get engaged you don't have to worry about them later on in the wedding journey.

What’s the point?

Reasons To Go For A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

There are loads of reasons why having an engagement photo shoot is an excellent idea. I would like to give you some good reason from my own experience.

  • Pre-wedding photo shoots give you a chance to work with your wedding photographer – and, trust me, this helps you to how you react to the camera, and how to get you to feel natural and comfortable with each other on your wedding day.
  • Wedding is a huge day! The biggest day of your life! Why not to practise some nice poses – and find out how to look best on your wedding pictures.
  • Pre-wedding photoshoots give you beautiful images from the time you were engaged. You can use those pictures to create invitations with a professional photo on it or signing boards. It also adds a little diversity to your wedding album.
  • Your engagement is a very important time in your lives. It would be nice to spend this time, laughing, hugging and kissing your partner. During this pre-wedding shoot you can wear more casual style that’s truer to your own personality.

When should you do it?

The best time for Pre-wedding shoot

I usually recommend shooting your Pre-Wedding shoot soon after booking your wedding photographer. Don’t leave it too close to the wedding date, as life can get pretty hectic at that time! It is good idea to timing your Pre-wedding shoot to coincide with your Hair and Make Up Trial so you can see how these elements look in the photos. 

A Few Shots



If  you are looking for a photographer to document your engagement  or your wedding day then get in touch  as I starting booking for 2020 and also  2021


up to 1 hours / 1 location
All Photos (approx 40+), High Resolution*
password protected online gallery to view and download images


up to 2 hours / up to 3 location
All Photos (approx 80+), High Resolution*
slideshow with music
password protected online gallery to view and download images


up to 2 hours / up to 3 location
All Photos (approx 80+), High Resolution*
password protected online gallery to view and download images


If the following packages do not fit 100% of your portrait needs, please contact me and we can arrange something custom for you!

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